Creating Content for Paid, Owned, and Earned Media

Posted on: April 29th, 2015

As a whole, your digital strategy encompasses three main audiences: paid, owned, and earned media. When you purposefully align your content marketing efforts to reach each of these groups, you will strengthen your digital strategy.  But before you can create meaningful content for these audiences, you must first understand what makes each type of media unique.

Think of this as traditional paid advertising tactics, from print, television, and radio to paid search, social media, and display ads. Because every company is likely doing some level of paid advertising, capturing the attention of this audience is extremely difficult. To compete, your content must rise above the noise. Content for a paid audience should be designed to increase awareness of your brand and bring new users to your website.

This is the content that your company owns and controls. Owned content includes your website, blog articles, any e-mails or newsletters that you send, as well as your social media channels. Your owned media audience is a great asset—these are your loyal customers. When you craft content for your owned audience, you are speaking directly to your existing users.

This refers to media that occurs by someone that is not affiliated with your company. Sometimes these opportunities are sought out by a company’s public relations team. Other times, this media occurs naturally. For example, someone might reference your business in a social media post, write an online review about your services, or respond to a comment thread on a message board.  As you might have guessed, earned media is extremely valuable, but also extremely difficult to receive. Earned media builds trust in and engagement with your brand. All content has the potential to become earned if it is informative and highly shareable.

When planning your content strategy, it is definitely important to keep in mind the differences between these audiences. However, no matter which audience you are targeting, the bottom line is the same: Focus on producing well written, high-quality content.

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