Digital Marketing in the Power Washing Industry

Posted on: June 25th, 2020

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As a marketing firm, we have partnered with several large power washing companies. Now, you may not find Company 119 team members sealing a concrete driveway or climbing the ladder to clean a roof. We leave the power washing to you, the trained and skilled professionals, but we do serve your business needs in a different way—through smart, targeted digital marketing.

No matter their location or size, all power washing companies share many of the same concerns and challenges. Over the years, we have come to understand those central issues. In fact, they are usually the first words spoken during our initial calls with prospective power washing clients. Perhaps these statements will ring true to you:


“I can’t generate enough leads in my target markets.”

In 2020, we all know that you cannot rely on print or TV ads to bring awareness to your brand; you have to meet people where they are—and they are online. But more than that, generating quality leads in your target markets relies on having a strong, comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses paid search, paid social, and local search optimization.


“We know our current sales technology isn’t working for us, but we don’t know how to fix it.”

In your industry, things move fast. You are always in the process of answering phones, responding to online form submissions, and following up with lost leads. If there is a bump in the road, the entire process suffers. You need a centralized hub for marketing and sales in place for optimal productivity.


“We are leaving money on the table due to issues with job quoting and dispatching.”

We hear this a lot. In some cases, generating new leads is not the problem. The bigger challenge is managing the incoming leads you do have. If you could develop and utilize a more streamlined, efficient method of job quoting, scheduling, and dispatching, you could handle more jobs in a day—and maximize your daily sales potential. Our developers have built technology for power washing companies to help them do exactly that, and we can put it to work for you as well.


“We are being edged out by the local competition in search.”

It can be really frustrating when you plug your power washing company’s name into the Google search bar every now and then only to see several other local power washers ahead of yours in the results. Is there anything you can do about it? The short answer is that it will take time. Search engine optimization is a long game, but the impact over several months can be significant.


“I am spending a ton to run ads on Google, and I don’t even know if they are working.”

Paid search can be very effective, so long as you are doing it right. Ad performance is dependent on a number of elements: targeting the right keywords, writing strong copy, designing effective ad graphics, having a compelling call to action, directing users to a high-quality landing page, and more. If you want to get the most out of your ad budget, make sure you have an experienced paid search team running your ads.


There are likely many more challenges we could list, and in most cases, the answer is the same: working with a professional marketing company can help you streamline your efforts and begin meeting—and exceeding—your business goals.



Why Work With Company 119?

You might be hesitant to take the first step in connecting with a marketing company. We get it. Maybe your business already has great word of mouth in the local community. Maybe you are wondering if it is worth the financial investment. Maybe you just don’t have time to add one more thing to your plate. 

Here’s the thing: word of mouth isn’t enough. To break into new markets and reach new clients, you must consider digital marketing. And that does require some investment and time on your part, but when you work with us, we also invest in you. We take the time to get to know you, your business, your specific challenges, and your goals. Once the initial work has been done, you can hand over the keys to us to be the primary driver of your ongoing marketing and sales strategy. 

There are so many tangible benefits to your business, but we have noted just some of those benefits here:


Recapture Lost Leads

  • Imagine the business you could bring in if you could reconnect with lost leads. Our targeted ads and email tools engage past prospective customers.


Lower Cost Per Conversion

  • How much are you spending for one paid ad conversion? We make sure your paid ads are smart, effective, and managed well for optimal cost per conversion.


Create a Centralized Hub for Marketing and Sales

  • We can help you better manage your marketing and sales data. Whether you need customer relationship management (CRM) integration with your current website, the creation of a central dashboard for marketing and sales representatives, or the creation of an automated job estimator tool, Company 119 can help. 


Streamline Job Quoting, Scheduling, and Dispatching

  • Our mapping technology can help you better structure your jobs to maximize your team’s productivity and make the most of every single day on the calendar.


Reach Target Geo-Specific Audiences

  • You tell us where you want to grow your business, and we employ our proven strategies to reach prospects through paid and organic search and social media.


Improve Performance in Local Search

  • Do not be edged out by the competition. Our SEO strategies will improve the design and content of key landing pages, which will help bring your website up in rankings and local Google Maps Pack over time.


Modernize Your Digital Presence

  • From social media profiles to your current website branding, your digital presence is the front door to your power washing business. What does it say about your company? Company 119 can modernize and enhance your website, ensuring your online presence exemplifies your professionalism and reputation.


The Shortlist: What We Help Deliver for Power Washers

✓ Recaptured lost leads
✓ Lower cost per conversion
✓ Streamlined job quoting, scheduling, and dispatching
✓ New prospects reached in targeted geographical areas
✓ Improved performance in local search
✓ Modernized digital presence


Client Snapshot: Location-Targeted SEO


bullseye arrow iconGOAL: 

Improve organic search performance of a city-specific landing page.



mountain hiker iconCHALLENGE:

Elevate search position of page ranking in second page of Google results.



lightbulb idea iconSOLUTION:

Redesign key page with compelling copy, imagery, and calls to action.



trophy success iconRESULT:

In 3 months, the page’s average position in search improved by 88%, moving from 16.6 to 8.8. Clicks from search grew by more than 3000%, going from 3 clicks to 101 three months later.


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Whether your power washing company is brand new or established, the right digital tools, strategy, and marketing can help your business meet and exceed your financial goals. Ready to take your power washing business to the next level? We’re ready to be your partner.

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