How Website Design Serves Your Small Business

Posted on: September 14th, 2020

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If you are a small business owner, you may have debated whether investing in a new or redesigned website is necessary. With the variety of digital platforms available—social media channels, review sites, and so on—you may be tempted to neglect your small business website.

As a digital marketing agency, our recommendation may be obvious, but we want you to realize the value of a professional website design for your business. In the “old days,” a website primarily served as an online brochure. While it should communicate your products and services, a high-quality website will do so much more to serve your business. It will:

  • Help you get noticed. A modern, professional website helps your business stand apart from the competition. But beyond that, your new website can be optimized to perform in organic search. When prospective customers search for your business online, you want your website to be listed above your competitors in search results.
  • Showcase your brand. Does your current website use a color palette and graphics that align with your branding? Your website should showcase your brand, be consistent with your presence on other digital platforms, and highlight your professionalism.
  • Deliver your unique message. Your website is a place where you can tell the unique story of your business. Share your history, your company mission or core values, and what sets you apart from other companies in your industry.
  • Build trust. Many consumers will visit the website of a product or service provider before they pick up the phone to call. An up-to-date, professional website helps to instill trust in your company, which is particularly important for new prospective customers.
  • Convey a strong call to action. Your website should not be a static page. Your website should be dynamic and engaging with clearly defined calls to action directing users to take specific actions. Your investment in an effective new website design can have significant ROI when it comes to capturing new leads on your site and turning them into customers.


Nicole Gerami, LLC website mockupSpotlight Small Business Website

Nicole Gerami, LLC Speech and Language Services

When Nicole Gerami, LLC reached out to Company 119, they needed a new website design to better showcase their professional speech and language services to prospective and current clients. Our team answered the call, working quickly to design and develop a clean, colorful, and user-friendly website. The new site is bright and engaging, and it communicates key information to interested families regarding their services, philosophy, and approach. As the Nicole Gerami, LLC team said at the close of the project, “We have a beautifully designed website that we are proud to share with clients.

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Small Business Websites Designed by an Award-Winning Team

Company 119’s Small Business Division designs and develops functional, dynamic websites to meet the needs of small businesses. We’ve produced websites for small business clients across many different industries. If your business would benefit from a new or redesigned website, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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