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Posted on: December 3rd, 2020

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During 2020, as businesses struggled to remain open or were forced to close temporarily, those companies in the home and garden industry experienced quite the opposite—a significant boom in business and demand from new customers in their community.

Scotts Miracle-Gro’s survey data from June 2020 revealed that more than half of Americans—55%—were currently gardening or caring for their lawn during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The concept of victory gardens, which stems from the popular vegetable and herb gardens planted during times of war, was renewed as customers wanted to grow their own produce. This left many individuals searching online for the store hours of their nearest garden center or visiting garden center websites looking for informative resources for plant selection, planting dos and don’ts, and other related content. 

Garden centers were called to respond to this wave of new clientele and their unique needs. The demand for online ordering and curbside pickup left some centers scrambling to implement point of sale (POS) system software to make it easier to sell their products online, or to create an efficient process for curbside pickup. If your garden center couldn’t meet the needs of new customers in the moment, they would likely take their business elsewhere. 

Was your garden center prepared for the customer boom during the pandemic? And, more importantly, will it be ready to rise to the next challenge facing the home and garden industry?


Meeting the Changing Home and Garden Industry Landscape

Digital Marketing Strategies to Solve Your Greatest Challenges

Company 119 works with many businesses in the home and garden industry, including independent—and oftentimes family-owned—garden centers, retail greenhouses, and nurseries. We have witnessed firsthand not only the urgent challenges you faced during the pandemic but also the everyday marketing and technology needs of your business.

Which of the following goals does your garden center have for your digital marketing?

  • To generate more foot traffic in your physical location
  • To implement new technology, like a POS, quickly and effectively
  • To make shopping online a more user-friendly experience for customers
  • To incorporate stronger resources and tools on your website 
  • To demonstrate the extensive knowledge base of your team
  • To enhance the visual appeal of your website, including vibrant photos and videos
  • To reach and build a relationship with new, younger clientele 
  • To better compete with other home and garden businesses in local search
  • To stay relevant and top of mind for customers year-round

Company 119 can help you achieve these goals with smart, data-driven marketing strategies customized for your business, your target audiences, and your locations.


Grow Your Garden Center With Digital Marketing

Perhaps you have not put a strong emphasis on digital marketing in the past. While you may have a thriving clientele currently, you must always be focused on generating new leads. Are you reaching and building a relationship with your next generation of local customers? 

You might not realize the value that younger prospective customers place on a positive digital experience. Consider these statistics from Fundera:


46% of all Google searches have local intent. 

Prospective customers are likely searching for a local garden center online. Will they find your website ahead of the competition in local search results?


75% of local-intent mobile searches result in offline store visits in 24 hours. 

Your prospective customers may be searching for popular indoor houseplants or herb plants for sale nearby. If they find your garden center’s website among their results, and your site is relevant to their search, they are more likely to visit your center or place an online order for pickup. 


91% of customers visit a store because of an online experience. 

If you do not think your digital presence matters, think again: Online users have little patience. They want an immediate answer to their question. Is your website easy to navigate? Is the online ordering process straightforward? Will users find relevant resources like specific plant information and vibrant photos? If your website is informative, engaging, and helpful, users are more likely to become new customers.



Why Work With Company 119?

As we have noted, if you have not invested in your digital marketing before, now is the time. The changing landscape of the home and garden landscape demands it. Your longevity in the industry demands it. Consider the benefits to your garden center:

  • Better Marketing
    There is always room to improve and strengthen your marketing. When you take a data-driven approach to your digital strategy, you can implement marketing tactics that are designed to reach your target customers at the right time online. Wouldn’t you like to increase lead generation and grow awareness of your brand?
  • Increased Website Functionality
    Is your current website serving mainly as a brochure for your garden center? If so, it has the potential to do so much more. These are just a few examples of the technology we have created and implemented for our garden center clients:

    • Plant Finder: Provide a search tool for customers to identify plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers more easily.
    • Gardening Calendar: Create an interactive monthly calendar that highlights store events as well as timely, seasonal gardening tips for customers.
    • Online Store: Give customers a seamless online shopping experience with options to pick up orders, curbside or in store.
  • Greater Lead Generation
    Some garden centers have served the same customers and their families for years. It will be critical, however, to reach new demographics and grow your customer base. Our targeting tools and strategies will help you generate new leads for your garden center.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of working with Company 119 for your garden center marketing. Talk to us about how our digital marketing strategies and tools can make a difference for your garden center.

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Petitti Website MockupGarden Center Business Spotlight: Petitti Garden Centers

Family-owned and operated Petitti Garden Centers placed second nationwide among the Top 100 Garden Centers in 2019. With nine locations in Greater Cleveland, Petitti is well known in Northeast Ohio and has a strong reputation for its breadth of plant knowledge, available products, and customer service. However, their website did not showcase that expertise and lacked certain technical features, like an online plant finder, necessary to provide the best online experience possible to their customers. 

Our team worked on a new website design that would incorporate the latest technology, strengthen the Petitti brand, and serve as a powerful tool within their digital marketing strategy. In just one month following the launch, the new website had a 136% increase in site visits. That increase included a 108% uptick in new users on the site, indicating that the site was well optimized for search and reaching new prospective customers.

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Revitalize Your Garden Center’s Digital Marketing

Work with Company 119 to seamlessly integrate and launch new technology on your website, reach your garden center’s target audiences, and generate new leads and sales. When we partner with you, we become the greatest advocate for the success of your independent garden center. Let’s discuss what we can do together to grow your business.

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Bloom: Digital Marketing for Garden Centers logoIntroducing Bloom: Digital Marketing for Garden Centers

In the last year, Company 119 saw a real need for a digital marketing solution that is customized and tailored for businesses in the home and garden industry. We worked to develop a program—Bloom: Digital Marketing for Garden Centers—that would generate real results for local garden centers. Through Bloom, our team will work to define relevant, effective marketing strategies that align with every stage of your customer journey.

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