4 Reasons Why A Small Business Site Will Help You Grow

Your small business needs a big digital presence to survive in today's tech-driven climate.

Cleveland website design is a crowded market nowadays.

Women Working at DeskOur city is bustling with new businesses, and the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. There are small businesses looking for websites around every corner, and the demand is a welcome stream of income for companies who specialize in developing a digital presence to help promote brands.

All of this begs an interesting question: why would you NOT want a small business website, especially in up and coming markets like Cleveland?

There are some small business owners who give a litany of reasons as to why they don’t want to enter the digital space. No budget for a site. Not computer savvy. No time to run a site. Doesn’t make sense for the business. They can give you excuse after excuse, but the bottom line is that now more than ever, if you want your small business to succeed, you need to have a website!

Here are some reasons why a small business site makes sense for business owners, even when they are reluctant to take the plunge:

1. You can show off your business to people you’ve never interacted with before.
Word of mouth can only take you so far. Traditional advertising can only reach so many people. But digital marketing and a website can help you reach clients you never knew existed. Sure, maybe your business plan for now is to stay local- but one of the reasons you haven’t thought about expanding is because you didn’t know there was a market. You just might find out through your website that your business has a bigger potential footprint than you thought!

2. A website is like having a sales rep on call 24/7/365!
Convincing a sales person or marketing team to stay on call 24 hours a day would probably take a miraculous sales pitch. With a small business site, you can have your store open around the clock. How many times have you been laying in bed, unable to sleep, so you went to your favorite E-commerce site to do some window shopping? How many of your Amazon purchases were impulse buys that you made well into the wee hours of the morning? You never know who is going to have the urge to visit your page to learn about you in the middle of the night, and with your website, you’ll be able to have a great representation of who you are at the beckon call of your customers!

3. Increase your brand’s online visibility.
Online reviews and Google Business pages are so vital to getting your brand out there to the public. They are just the beginning. If someone sees that you do a wonderful job or provide a great service, but then can’t find out more about what you do through a website, it can be frustrating, and they might not be likely to delve further into contacting you. If there are other sites that have a website full of info about what they do, a consumer is very likely to leapfrog your listing and go right to the brand with the online identity that suggests that they are experts in the field. Not having a website is often seen as unprofessional, and that could give the advantage to your better prepared competition.

4. You can be a pro in your field.
One of the ways the Google determines who is going to rank high in the Search Rankings that they provide is something called Domain Authority. Simply put, they are looking for brands that seem to be the most knowledgeable experts in their field. You can use things like a blog to show just how much you know about what you do. If you can develop a culture of knowledge around your brand and become a go-to resource online, customers are more likely to interact with you, and then the time comes to convert those visits into business, they are more likely to go with your company because they trust your knowledge!

So, we know you need a site. It’s time to call the premier website design firm in Cleveland to make your brand come to life on line. Company 119 specializes in providing small businesses in the Cleveland area with websites that can compete with much larger companies on any level, in any field. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do to help you get started with a unique website designed to make you money!