How To Write An Email Customers Will Actually Read

Emails are one of the most intimate ways to interact with your customers, and they offer customization unparalleled by other types of communication channels. But they only work when opened.

Woman on phone and laptopSo you are going to make your first foray into the marketing automation world, and you are going to send an email out to your client list.  You sit down at your keyboard and type a glorious piece of literature that you are sure is going to result in an all-out blitz to your online store.  You are a wordsmith.  A virtuoso.  And you know that everyone who reads your email will surely flock to your e-commerce site and purchase all of your inventory immediately. So you finish up, hit send and wait.

The next day, the results are in.  2% of your customers opened your email.  50% asked to be removed from future contact.  A few people responded only to tell you how much they hated your email.  The results can leave you devastated.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear from you?  You have such a great rapport with your clients, why would they not want to get an email from you?

The truth is, email contact is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, it’s an amazing way to reach your customers.  You can have a great connection with them if you use email correctly.  But email isn’t for everyone, and there are going to be some clients who simply don’t want to be reached.  Maybe they don’t like your subject line.  Maybe they don’t think the email is speaking to them.  Whatever the case may be, don’t take it personally.  It’s probably not you; it’s just how the message was delivered.  So here are some tips to help you get those open rates up and make sure that your customers hear you loud and clear.

  1. Sort your email list into different categories, so the right customers are getting your email.
    By taking this step, you can ensure that every email you send gets to the right clients and makes them feel like they are unique and special.
  2. Personalize your emails.
    Marketing automation software has tools that can help you add your customer’s first name in the email automatically so that the customer feels like they are getting an email that was crafted just for them.  They are much more likely to open that email because they think it is a special message.
  3. Make your subject line pop!
    Email inboxes are inundated with junk.  If you want a customer to see your message, you have to stand out.  Make your subject line enticing. You can even add emojis to make your subject more colorful in their inbox.
  4. Get to the point.
    Make your emails concise. You don’t need much verbiage for an email designed to get the reader to return to your shop.  Give them a couple of sentences and let them get on with their day.  The average time spent reading an email has increased… to a whopping 11 seconds per email.  That’s not much time when you think about it.  Get in and get out with an effective message.
  5. Add graphics that retain interest.
    Emails are visual.  Add some pictures and make your Calls to Action look exciting and enticing.  Customers are more likely to interact with an email that looks great.

Designing an email isn’t rocket science, but there is a science to it.  If you don’t feel like you are getting the most out of your email campaigns, let us help.  Company 119 can handle designing all of your emails for you, and help you ensure that the right customers see your message.  Contact Company 119 today, and let us rethink the way your company handles Marketing Automation.