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Excite Health Partners, a national provider of healthcare technology solutions, has offered consulting services to more than 275 hospitals across the United States since 2010. Their solutions are tailored for two unique healthcare industries: Health Information Management (HIM) and Health Information Technology (HIT). When they approached us for a new website design, Excite Health Partners was particularly frustrated with their current site’s job board. It was cumbersome to update and difficult for their team to manage. They also wanted their new site to better communicate their expansive solutions and engage users across both the HIM and HIT industries.

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Our Challenge

Company 119 was tasked with a site design that would showcase Excite Health Partners’ services and available jobs in HIM and HIT while keeping their brand central to the user experience throughout the site. Our challenge was also to develop a completely custom job board solution that could be easily managed and updated by the Excite Health Partners team.

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A major focus throughout our website design and development process was crafting a better job board solution. Company 119 built a dynamic job board for Excite Health Partners to display hundreds of available career openings in the HIT and HIM fields. While the job board is extensive, it allows applicants to easily find and apply to their perfect position. Job seekers can filter listings by position or title as well as location or work type to help pinpoint their search. This job board was also custom designed and built to be easily managed on the fly by the Excite Health Partners team—saving them hours of time and preventing headaches they had dealt with when managing their previous site.

In addition to the job board, it was important for the new site to provide two very clear and distinct routes of provided services and types of positions available in HIT and HIM. The site design makes it easy for a user to navigate the depth of content, resources, and career opportunities within both industries, while keeping the Excite Health Partners brand strong and consistent throughout the entire experience. The use of a bold color palette and vibrant images helps to engage users on the site and conveys Excite Health Partners’ professionalism and creativity.


The Outcome

Our new website design for Excite Health Partners is a strong asset to their team. It has streamlined many of their daily tasks related to managing the job board and allows them more freedom and flexibility to manage the website internally. More so, the site serves as an extension of their brand and helps bring their healthcare solutions to new providers across the country.

Excite Health Partners celebrated 10 years of service in 2020. We look forward to seeing how they continue to set the standard for healthcare technology solutions in the next decade.

The Result

"We got a new website from a great company that is based here in Cleveland. All goals achieved…and we made some new friends. Loved every second of working with your group, and we are pretty happy customers."

Stephen Putt, Managing Partner at Excite Health Partners

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