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Gopher Team is a professional, family-run pest removal company based in the East Bay in California. As a part of Gingrich Horticulture, Gopher Team uses environmentally friendly methods to get rid of moles, gophers, ground squirrels, and voles and stop their destruction to clients’ lawns and landscapes. Gopher Team is known for their high levels of customer satisfaction, expertise in effective pest removal, and three-day turnaround guarantee.

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Our Challenge

While Gopher Team is an established and highly reputable company in the East Bay, their current website did not reflect their professionalism or reputation. They needed a much stronger digital presence in order to convey their pest removal services and maintenance programs, their team’s ability to respond quickly, and their depth of knowledge and expertise in safe pest removal. Their new website would serve as the core for their company’s marketing strategy and help to promote their pest control business to a new audience.

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Gopher Team’s website design positions their company as the experts in safe and environmentally friendly pest removal, clearly communicating their services and their three-day service turnaround guarantee. When an East Bay homeowner is experiencing damage to their property due to gophers or squirrels, they want the destruction to stop as quickly as possible. It was important that Gopher Team’s industry-leading turnaround time was prominently featured and communicated in the website design. From their site, a homeowner can also select the type of service they need and easily call to schedule one-time removal or sign-up for an ongoing maintenance program. 

Gopher Team is highly knowledgeable about pest removal and wanted to convey that experience by adding relevant and informative content to the site. A featured FAQ section details their team’s answers to common questions, highlights their commitment to safety and adhering to California EPA and DPR regulations, and more. The Resource section also provides helpful content about gopher, mole, vole, and ground squirrel behavior, giving a homeowner more background and a greater understanding of the type of pest damage that is happening in their yard. 

Ultimately, the new website instills trust in Gopher Team’s pest removal experts as the best choice in the East Bay area for any homeowner looking for safe, effective, and fast pest removal services.


The Outcome

Gopher Team’s website provides the foundation for their pest control marketing efforts. The site’s professional design now reflects the family-run company’s work and reputation in the East Bay area for the last 20-plus years.  It makes it even easier for new and repeat clients to contact their team when they need swift and thorough pest removal services at their home.

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The Result

"I think you all do a great job. High levels of communication and thorough work."

Ashley Koerber, Gopher Team

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