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Ayrshire is a contracting services company focused on the chemical processing, mining and manufacturing industries. The company also constructs, maintains, installs, and retrofits industrial facilities. Ayrshire’s digital presence is key for communicating to potential clients their breadth of expertise and involvement in the industry. The company’s website also provides an essential point of contact for users to the company’s experienced professionals.

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Our Challenge

Company 119 was challenged with a fully integrated website redesign that would serve as the cornerstone of Ayrshire’s revitalized digital platform. The company’s existing website was not responsive, did not reflect their brand, and did not communicate to users their 35+ years of experience in the industry. A successful redesign would strategically engage users in their story, highlight their expert services, and make it easy for interested users to contact them.

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Company 119 employed a gritty, weathered design to evoke the long-term experience of the company. Visually large, sweeping, monochromatic images are used throughout the site to reinforce the company’s industrial positioning. All together, these design features create an engaging user experience that reflects the company’s brand and expertise.

The site has a user-friendly interface with a clearly-defined navigation making it easy for users to quickly access key information. The clear navigation also opens the door for users to communicate with the company. For example, from the home page, users can complete a contact form or request a bid for desired services.

All of the content on the site was purposely crafted to be concise and readable. Users will find details about each of Ayrshire’s unique services, their focus on safety, and the industries they serve. Each of the featured services pages includes high-quality photographs of past projects as well as a direct link to request a bid.

The Ayrshire website redesign by Company 119 successfully marries modern technology with the hard work and experience of the company. Custom responsive development makes the site a resource for users across any mobile device, taking Ayrshire’s digital presence from outdated to cutting-edge.

The Result

"The new website that they offered to us was really good at getting our customers to see what we're all about and what we can do in the field."

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