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Many companies struggle each day to connect with the right prospects. Finding a warm lead is like searching for a needle in a haystack. As a result, your phone doesn’t ring and your sales team wastes hours making cold calls to people who will never buy.

At Company 119, we take the multitude of digital tools and reporting tools available and boil them down into the most intelligent and predictable sales and marketing system you have ever experienced – HeatSeeker.

Our focused system refines your marketing across every channel and provides digital sales support for your team, narrowing your funnel, achieving better targeting and reducing–or even eliminating–the need for cold calls.

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We bring predictability to sales.

We help our clients refine their sales and marketing efforts across all channels, from e-mail marketing and social media to organic search and paid search marketing, in order to identify and reach warm prospects, driving conversions and sales.

Want evidence that it works? Look at our track record.

Avg. Increase in Site Visitors

Avg. Increase in Organic Traffic

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