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A New Approach to Recruiting Skilled Automotive Professionals

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Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Centers, like many auto shops around the country, has an urgent need to hire skilled workers, from mechanics to lube and tire technicians. As the skilled worker gap grows and more senior automotive professionals reach retirement, demand for these positions has only continued to grow—and so has the competition among regional automotive shops for good, qualified talent. As they approached their latest recruitment campaign for automotive technicians, Rad Air wanted to cut through the noise and set their unique message apart. What was the best way to do that? Let Andy Fiffick, Rad Air’s founder, talk about the company and the experience of working there in his own words.

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Our Challenge

Andy is passionate about the open and honest work environment that he has fostered at all Rad Air locations: His employees are not just a team; they are a family. Instead of trying to write and micro-manage the script for Andy along with other Rad Air leaders, Company 119 created a video set where they would feel comfortable speaking unscripted and directly from the heart. The result was a straightforward, genuine message, along with an inside look at the service bays at a Rad Air location. While watching, prospective employees can see, hear, and begin to feel what it would be like to work for Rad Air.

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OUR goals:

  • Let prospects hear directly from Rad Air leaders
  • Communicate key recruiting themes like team culture and more
  • Use direct, friendly, and casual language
  • Highlight benefits like pay, vacation, hours, and training
  • Help prospective employees see themselves working at Rad Air


Company 119’s videos for RAD AIR:


Invitation to the Rad Air Family (with Andy Fiffick)


Recruiting Technicians (with Andy Fiffick)


Why Work for Rad Air? (with Bill Snow)


We Want You (with Andy Fiffick and Bill Snow)


Digital Video Production for Auto Shops

Find a Message That Resonates With Your Future Workers

Are you ready to take a different approach to reaching skilled automotive workers for your shop? Take a page from Rad Air’s book and talk to us about using video to create dynamic and impactful ad content. Start reaching the mechanics and tire technicians you need, and take your recruitment marketing to the next level with professional digital video production.

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