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WyattWorks Plumbing has been serving the Cleveland area for more than 35 years. They’ve built a strong reputation for their know-how, customer service, and reliability. However, even with a devoted local client base, WyattWorks realized several years ago that they needed to invest in digital marketing for their home service business. Their website wasn’t working on clients’ phones, was very difficult to update, and didn’t align with their new branding.

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Our Challenge

But, one of their biggest challenges as a family-owned plumbing business was actually showing people that they are a family-owned plumbing business! Without a strong website, photos, and videos to convey their brand, WyattWorks was just another plumbing company—not a close-knit family business run by real people who care about their clients. This is a challenge for many local plumbing businesses: How do you show people that you aren’t part of a big national chain, but that you are a small, locally-owned company that has served the same families for decades?

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For WyattWorks, digital video was a way to pull back the curtain and reveal the family behind the name, and it became a major component of their new website design by Company 119. Several videos feature Andy Wyatt, the owner, to showcase his expertise in the industry. Other videos were designed to promote recruitment by highlighting Jamal, an employee of 9 years, as the viewer gets a glimpse of his day on the job and hears about some of the benefits of working for WyattWorks.

Company 119’s goals:

  • Show the real people behind the WyattWorks name.
  • Give potential clients a sense of safety, comfort, and trust in the company.
  • Convey their plumbing expertise with a family feel.
  • Showcase the work environment and its benefits for new employees.


Company 119’s videos for WyattWorks:


Basement Boiler Problem-Solving


Working in the Trades


Ride Along With Jamal


Jamal on Location



Digital Video Production for Plumbers

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Local plumbers like WyattWorks know that connecting with area homeowners is essential to bringing in new business. Video is a great way to connect, engage, and deepen trust in your brand. If you’d like to showcase your brand and people through digital video, please reach out.

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