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LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland (LVC) is a leader in LASIK eye surgery in Northeast Ohio. To compete in a saturated Greater Cleveland market for LASIK eye surgeons, LVC must maintain a high-quality, informative digital presence to connect with and engage prospective patients. LVC partnered with Company 119 to create a professional, responsive website design as part of an overarching focused digital strategy to increase scheduled appointments and consultations.

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Our Challenge

Company 119 was tasked with creating a new responsive website design for LVC that would represent their professionalism and expertise in LASIK surgery, as well as be an easy-to-use tool and resource for potential patients. Beyond the website, LVC needed a focused digital strategy for engaging new prospects in the Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio region.

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Company 119 recognized that many users who visit LVC’s website are strongly considering LASIK surgery, but unsure which LASIK surgeon and surgery center in the Cleveland area is best. For this reason, LVC’s unparalleled expertise and use of the most advanced technology available need to be at the core of both the website and a focused digital strategy.

There is a strong focus on content throughout the site, specifically content regarding the Lasik process. There is a custom page for each step of the process, from pre-op to post-op, as well as an FAQ page to answer users’ most commonly asked questions. Throughout the site, there are testimonials from prominent past patients, including TJ Ward, a Cleveland professional athlete. Company 119 provided all of the photography used throughout the site.

The inventive design features several interactive elements, including a custom-built interactive directory of doctor affiliates. Users can easily search a list of eye doctors to see whether their personal doctor is an affiliate of LVC. The website is also connected to custom-designed consultation and scheduling software. In just a few quick steps, users can schedule an appointment from their computer or mobile device, providing easy and direct access to the professionals.

Through execution of a precise sales and marketing system — encompassing the initial website redesign and ongoing optimizations, organic and local search, content marketing, and social media – Company 119 continues to drive new prospects to LVC.

The Result

"Internet [marketing] is kind of a necessity these days. It's not really a marketing dollar."

Jim Principi

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