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Warren Roofing® is one of Cleveland’s top commercial roofing contractors. With more than a century of experience in the industry, Warren Roofing® is known for their professionalism, knowledge, and craftsmanship. Before they began working with Company 119®, their digital presence did not reflect the stature and reputation of their brand, and they struggled to gain the traction they needed in paid and organic search to see a return on their investment. As they work with general contractors on large-scale commercial roofing installations as well as provide commercial roofing repair and maintenance services to building owners across the region, they needed to capitalize on digital marketing opportunities to fuel their lead generation for both sides of their business.

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Our Challenge

Warren Roofing® has a distinct brand voice and look that needs to be consistently conveyed across their digital marketing, including social media channels, paid search ads, and landing page content. To kick off a successful paid search effort, the campaign needed to incorporate highly relevant and compelling ad graphics and copy—and target the right prospective commercial roofing clients that need the services that Warren Roofing® provides. And while a paid search campaign could be launched more quickly, the organic search strategy for Warren Roofing® would need to be carefully planned and carried out over a longer duration of time.

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The Value of High-Quality Commercial Roofing Content

Dominating Organic Search Rankings

The foundation of any commercial roofer’s organic search strategy should be content: Highly informative, well-researched content that will be relevant to your audience of general contractors, property managers, and commercial building owners. Our ongoing content strategy for Warren Roofing® is designed to optimize their existing site content for targeted search terms, such as commercial leak repair, as well as create new content that positions them as the local authority and resource for commercial roofing topics—including common repairs and solutions, the best types of roofing materials for specific applications, and expertise on challenging roof installs. 


Content Creation for Warren Roofing®

  • Ongoing keyword research and updates
  • City-specific content targeting their service area in Northeast Ohio
  • Service-specific content (roof leak repairs, flashing repairs, skylight installations, etc.)
  • Client-specific content (content for building managers, apartment owners, schools, etc.)
  • Case studies featuring high-quality imagery and an in-depth interview with site manager


Paid Search Marketing for Commercial Roofers

Capturing Lost Leads and Creating Brand Awareness

The paid search marketing strategy for Warren Roofing® primarily focuses on two types of campaigns: branded and remarketing. Branded ads help to familiarize users with the Warren Roofing® name, reputation, and expertise and position their brand in front of a wider regional audience. Their remarketing campaign uses straightforward messaging—“Still looking for commercial roofing?”—and targets users that have previously visited Warren Roofing’s site or taken a specific action to signal an interest in their services.

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327% increase in paid search conversions year-over-year | 217% increase in user traffic year-over-year from organic search and content strategy | 59% increase in calls year-over-year

The Result

Paid and search marketing has opened the door for Warren Roofing® to increase conversions, website traffic, and calls. While they have a very strong reputation in Greater Cleveland for large-scale commercial roof installations that leads to referrals among general contractors, they also have a skilled team that primarily handles commercial roofing maintenance and repair services. Through paid and organic search marketing, they are able to keep a steady stream of new prospective clients discovering those services and contacting Warren Roofing® when they need a leak repair, roof inspection, or seasonal maintenance.

  • 327% increase in paid search conversions year-over-year
  • 217% increase in user traffic year-over-year from organic search and content strategy
  • 59% increase in calls year-over-year



Find Commercial Roofing Success in the Digital Marketplace

Set Your Commercial Roofing Business Apart

Warren Roofing® discovered how paid and organic search marketing can be a game-changer for commercial roofers. Whether you are an established roofing company or new to the industry, we recommend assessing your digital marketing strategy and making sure you are using all of the tools available to market your roofing business, expand your audience, and keep the phone ringing.

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