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Growing an Interactive Digital Presence

An All-Encompassing Website Design

Petitti Garden Centers began over 40 years ago and is known for their unmatched plant selection and horticultural knowledge. While designing and developing their new site, Company 119 worked extensively with the Petitti marketing team to ensure that their new site did justice to the remarkable brand they have established. Utilizing digital tools, like enhanced search options and a comprehensive plant database, the site provides online users with an informative and enjoyable online experience.

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Our Challenge

We needed to be extra creative in making sure the new site was easy to use and a resource on its own. Of course, most visits to the site would end with a visit to one of the nine Petitti locations, but the new interactive elements of the site should let the user feel more informed on what exactly they will be looking for. Whether it is location hours or the next steps in growing their garden, users visit the Petitti site to find answers. From a location finder to a gardening guide section, new digital tools on the site create an intuitive experience for users to find the resources they are looking for.

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We are extremely honored to have provided Petitti with the highly interactive site that, on its own, is a comprehensive gardening resource. Users can now find information on a wide selection of the plants offered by Petitti, along with details on when they bloom, their average height, how much sun they need, and so much more simply by searching the plant by name or genre within their online plant database.

The new website houses the archives of the radio program, Gardening with Angelo, that Petitti’s founder began back in the early ‘80s. Users can now also find gardening guides, an active gardening calendar, informative gardening video, a dynamic FAQ page where users can submit their questions to be answered by the Petitti team, and so much more.

The site also has built-in capabilities that can refer the customer to the nearest Petitti location. If they are in Northeast Ohio, there is a Petitti Garden Center nearby and the site will direct them there.

Brightly colored flowers and the smiles of the Petitti staff and family are showcased across the site and give the user a taste of what a visit to one of their locations is like.

After working closely with their marketing team, Petitti knew they could count on our team when life threw everyone a curveball at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Petitti needed to pivot their business that mostly relied on customers coming into one of their garden centers. The Company 119 team assisted in the design of their e-commerce website that would help Petitti stay functional during a time no one was really prepared for.

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The Result

"What a difference it made, I know, for us in choosing Company 119. THANK YOU. You are a trusted partner."

Annie Dorsey, Director of Marketing at Petitti Garden Centers

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