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Primex Garden Center is a fourth-generation family-owned gardening center in Glenside, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. They are the largest supplier of organic gardening products in the region and take pride in being a resource to their customers and the community as a whole. Their website design needed to showcase the expertise of their diverse team—consisting of horticulturists, arborists, urban farmers, and others—as well as appeal to a new, younger audience.

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Our Challenge

At the time of this project, interest in gardening was at an all-time high due to the pandemic. As more people were looking to start a garden at their home or add houseplants to their apartment, Primex Garden Center realized that their target audience was shifting. While their primary customer base had been seasoned gardeners, they now had an opportunity to connect with a younger demographic of first-time plant owners and gardeners. Company 119’s challenge was to design a site that would appeal to this new audience, clearly communicate the expertise of the Primex team, and get people excited to visit the garden center and see the selection of products.

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The new Primex Garden Center website is modern, clean, and informative, but at its heart, the site tells a story. It draws visitors in with the history of the family business—dating back to 1943 when it opened as a feed mill and coal company—and conveys the entire team’s pure love of gardening and plants. This builds trust with new visitors and lets them know that even if they have no idea where to begin, they can visit Primex Garden Center and speak with caring, passionate plant experts who will provide advice and guidance. 

The team at Primex wanted to build site content around popular gardening questions and answers, but needed to do so in a way that would not put an extra burden on their already busy team. The solution is a dynamic Gardening FAQs section. Any visitor can submit a question to the site—along with a photo—and will receive a personalized response either directly through email or through an answer published to the site. Over time, Primex will build a comprehensive selection of FAQs to serve as a resource to customers as well as strengthen the site’s relevance to gardening questions in organic search.

One major opportunity of the new site was promoting Primex’s garden coaching service. If an individual needs guidance about what to plant at their home, Primex will send an expert for a one-hour coaching session. Company 119 wanted to create a path to this new revenue for Primex that would not require their team to take on a large workload in order to manage it. Our solution was using an online scheduler that connects directly with the garden coach’s personal calendar. Users select a time from a list of available options and book the appointment, and the system leaves a buffer between appointments to allow for the coach’s travel. The Primex team also does not have to worry about taking credit card information or managing payments: The scheduler is dynamically built to automatically manage payments online.


The Outcome

Primex Garden Center’s new site checks every box: It tells their unique story, showcases their expertise, and promotes their wide selection of plants and organic gardening products. At a time when connecting with a new and quickly growing audience was critical, the Primex site capitalized on this new demographic and drew users in with a modern, user-friendly design, vibrant photos, and informative resources. Primex is now able to add new revenue streams like the garden coaching service without any additional time or resources being required of their team. The site is intuitive and easy for the Primex team to manage and will continue to serve their needs—and the needs of their customers—for years to come.

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The Result

"Thank you guys! This looks so much better than I could have imagined. We are excited to share it with our staff and customers. It’s been a fascinating journey for me to watch this from start to finish and I am truly amazed by your work. Thanks so much to your team!"

Katelyn Ginsberg, Co-Owner of Primex Garden Center

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