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Sheoga Hardwood has been manufacturing quality hardwood flooring harvested from the Appalachian region since 1982. The company takes great pride in its sustainable process and unparalleled reputation for excellence among the hardwood flooring industry. Sheoga Hardwood wanted a web design that would convey their unparalleled quality, meticulous drying and milling process, and sustainably sourced lumber. The site also needed to be clean, well organized, and enticing for potential customers who are looking to peruse different flooring options, wood varieties, styles, and finishes.

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Our Challenge

Company 119 approached the new website design and development for Sheoga Hardwood as an opportunity to take the company’s brand and digital presence to the next level. The new site needed to modern and tell their company’s unique story while remaining loyal to their well-known brand and existing clientele.

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It is not hard to design an aesthetically pleasing website when you are able to draw from the natural beauty of Sheoga’s custom hardwood flooring. The site design incorporates many vibrant, high-quality photos to give users an experience that is similar to physically stepping into the company’s showroom. Company 119 also created a video backdrop for the Home page slider that shows the craftsmanship involved in the flooring process, as well as helps to convey the rich history of the Sheoga Hardwood brand. 

Our video production team also created a video that illustrates Sheoga’s commitment to responsible lumber procurement as well as their unique handcrafted flooring process. Company 119 was challenged to find unique angles and shots to show the craftsmen at work. The video weaves together imagery of the lumber sourcing and production process with Sheoga team member interviews.

The previous site was limited in content and did not provide many photos. As online shoppers enjoy perusing Pinterest or scrolling Instagram for home design inspiration, it was important that the new site incorporate photo galleries that show examples of Sheoga hardwood installed in customers’ homes. The new site also incorporates a greater depth of information, including individual pages for each prefinished and unfinished flooring option. Company 119 also incorporated an online ordering form to allow users to submit requests for product samples. All of these elements create a better, more engaging experience for prospective customers.


The Result

Company 119’s goal was to design and develop a website for Sheoga that would elevate their brand, showcase their products, and serve as a highly engaging platform for their digital marketing. Sheoga Hardwood Flooring now has a beautiful, modern, and functional website to extend its branding and continue to reach new audiences in the Northeast Ohio region.

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