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The Gutter Boys provides a range of gutter services to homeowners in Northeast and Central Ohio. They offer professional gutter cleaning but also specialize in the installation of micro-mesh gutter guards and seamless gutter systems. Their new website needed to provide greater organization and function for their business. It also needed to contain highly localized content.

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Our Challenge

When people search for a home services business, one of their first questions is, “Are they local?” Many want to hire a locally-owned and operated business that they trust and feel comfortable inviting to their home. Company 119's primary challenge was to showcase The Gutter Boys as a local business that is trustworthy and credible and make it as easy as possible for a site visitor to contact them for a quote. Their secondary challenge was to clean up the site’s organization, reduce the clutter, and give the team better functionality to make updates.

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To demonstrate that The Gutter Boys is a local business, Company 119 used technology that would dynamically change the content on the page–the images and phone numbers–based on the user’s IP address. If a user comes to the site from a Cleveland address, they see an image of the Cleveland skyline and a phone number with a 440 area code. If a user comes from Columbus, the skyline changes, and a 614 area code phone number is displayed. These subtle changes help to immediately show a user that The Gutter Boys is a local business serving their area.

Once a user has found the site, Company 119 wants them to connect as easily—and quickly—as possible. Every page on the site has at least three different calls to action (CTAs) visible at any time. These include a click-to-call phone number, digital quote request buttons, a chat module, and short on-page forms. This makes it incredibly easy for a site visitor to take the next step and connect with The Gutter Boys.

The old site contained a lot of content, much of it messy, disorganized, and in different layouts and formats. Company 119 consolidated the content, streamlined and cleaned up the page layouts, and made sure that the site content was service-centered. Every page on the site now serves a specific purpose and helps to drive more users to reach out for a service estimate.

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The Result

Instead of trying to shoehorn what they needed into a template, The Gutter Boys trusted Company 119 to build a site with their goals in mind. The spring of 2021, with their new website live, ended up being the best season in the company’s history.

  • 25.39% increase in site visits
  • 94.57% increase in organic search visits

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