Programmatic 101: Common Targeting Tactics

Posted on: November 10th, 2020

Tech & Innovation Blog HeaderUnderstanding Site Retargeting, CRM Targeting, and Lookalike Targeting

Grab a notebook and pen because it is time for another lesson in Programmatic 101!

When it comes to programmatic advertising, part of its appeal is the wide variety of targeting options available. Building a relevant target audience is so important for your programmatic advertising success. The goal is to ensure your ads are shown only to those who will be highly interested in your product or service and highly likely to convert from seeing just one ad.

We have already explored the use of contextual targeting for programmatic ads, including category contextual and keyword contextual. We’d like to look at a few other common programmatic targeting tactics that might be a good choice for your business.


Programmatic Site Retargeting

This is one of the most common types of programmatic targeting strategies, and likely one you are already familiar with from standard search retargeting. Using site retargeting, you can display targeted ads to previous site visitors while they are browsing online. However, unlike standard search retargeting, programmatic site retargeting is driven by data and allows you to deliver highly customized ads to users. 


Programmatic CRM Targeting

Within your company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, you probably have created many different lists. These lists may be sorted based on whether you have already spoken to the customer, if he or she has taken any action on your site, or if you have had any other offline interactions. The goal of CRM targeting is to utilize these lists to deliver highly targeted ads to your existing contacts. 


Programmatic Lookalike Targeting

Let’s say you already have a small audience segment created that includes those customers who are highly likely to buy from you or use your service. How can you reach a much larger audience while retaining the characteristics of your highly engaged and relevant smaller audience? 

Lookalike targeting allows you to build a second audience that shares the same interests and behaviors you have identified in those prospects who are most likely to click on an ad and convert. There are likely many new users who are interested in your products and services—the problem is they may not know about your company. This audience targeting option can change that.


In such a competitive digital market, utilizing programmatic advertising tactics can give your company a significant advantage. These audience targeting options are just a few ways that you can reach the right people at the right time and maximize the return for your business. 

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