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If you own a home services company, like a gutter cleaning or power washing company, you know the reality of how the seasons can impact your business—for better or worse. After all, on an unseasonably cold day in Northeast Ohio, no one is picking up the phone and scheduling a home power wash. That is exactly why you need to hit the ground running in the primary seasons for your business. Capturing leads and booking jobs when the weather is ideal is key. How can you get the most bang from your marketing budget during that time? The answer for some home services businesses is programmatic advertising.

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Our Challenge

Programmatic combines our intuition with machine buying to better plan, optimize, and target ads. That means Company 119 takes what they know—for instance, that more people are searching for power washing companies online when the weather is sunny and warm—and use it along with the assistance of complex algorithms to determine when and how to show your ads to people on their mobile and connected TV (CTV) devices.
The Gutter Boys and Pristine Clean, both owned and operated by the same management team, decided to put programmatic advertising to work for their business in early 2021.

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These were the initial goals of Company 119’s campaign:

  • Serve ads to users who have engaged with online content related to home services (such as searches for gutter maintenance or house washing)
  • Target a combination of users who have shown in-market behavior as homeowners
  • Promote The Gutter Boys and Pristine Clean’s services using programmatic and cross-device display (ads that follow a user on all their devices)


Their programmatic campaign includes:

  • Banner display ads
  • CTV ads for streaming devices
  • Retargeting visitors to their website in the last 30 days
  • Social media paid ads


Programmatic Ads for Home Services Businesses

A Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution

While the campaign is still in the early stages, The Gutter Boys and Pristine Clean have already seen evidence that programmatic is a good fit for their business. It also allows for a high level of customization and nimbleness, giving you a chance to make quick changes.
For example, in April 2021, the weather in Northeast Ohio turned cold with late-season snow, and Pristine Clean noticed a significant lull in their business. Searches for power washing tapered off dramatically industry-wide, nearly stopping. Pristine Clean continued to run paid search ads so that they would be top-of-mind when the weather turned, but they were able to quickly pause their programmatic campaign. Looking carefully at the forecast, Company 119 identified the exact time and day to turn them back on, anticipating when users may begin to search for local power washers again.

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$.04 for 30 Seconds of Brand Exposure

Impact of CTV Video Views

In April 2021, The Gutter Boys paid $.04 for every completed video view on a CTV device. That means that for just 4 cents, they received 30 seconds of brand exposure. CTV consumers are a captive audience but are unable to click on the commercial—while their impact cannot be precisely measured, video views are valuable brand exposure.


Programmatic Advertising for Power Washers and Gutter Cleaners

Is It a Fit for Your Business?

If you own or manage a home services business, you might be missing out on opportunities available through programmatic ads. Company 119 is happy to talk through it with you and help you decide if it is a good fit for your business.

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