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David Starr is a rising star on the NASCAR Xfinity Series circuit. In 2019, he finished 14th at Talladega, and his potential is far from being tapped. Rad Air is Northeast Ohio’s neighborhood car care center. They are growing quickly, and their reputation for superior customer service and attention to detail is unparalleled. The two seemed like a match made in auto heaven, and that relationship came to fruition when David brought his #52 Chevy Camaro to town for the NASCAR Xfinity Series B&L Transport 170 Race at the Mid-Ohio Car Course. He needed a sponsor, and Rad Air jumped at the opportunity to wrap David’s car in a custom Rad Air design. In return, David’s team vowed to promote the partnership on social media. Rad Air also procured some grandstand tickets, and they were looking to set up an online giveaway to help promote the event as well as their new marketing push featuring the car.

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Our Challenge

Anytime you are dealing with a sponsored campaign, you have to be particularly careful about branding. There are certain phrases, titles, images, and logos that can only be used in certain contexts and situations, and then there are some that can’t be used at all. For Company 119, our top priority was making Rad Air look good, and in order to do that we had to be cognizant of the sponsorship agreement they were entering into with Jimmy Means Racing and David Starr.

There are many entities involved in an event like this. NASCAR is involved because this is part of the Xfinity Series, Mid-Ohio Car Course is home to the event, David drives a Chevrolet Vehicle, and Jimmy Means Racing owns the team. Each entity has its own marketing requirements and licensing rules. Sponsoring a car isn’t sponsoring the race or the track itself. You can be a partner on the event but not a sponsor. You can be an official sponsor of the car, but not an associate of the race. There are fine lines that cannot be crossed throughout, and that means Company 119 has to have meticulous conversations leading up to the campaign design so that we aren’t breaking any branding protocol as we go through our creative process.

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Rad Air Mid Ohio social posts

Our Solution

Rad Air and David Starr Racing were both thrilled with the results of our creative effort. Our design team created custom graphics to take the customer on a journey from announcing the sponsorship to race completion in about 10 days.

We started with a teaser graphic to raise interest from customers on Facebook.

This was a huge promo for Rad Air because they had never done anything like this before. The thumbs up to create a vehicle wrap design and then put it on the track at a NASCAR affiliated event is rare, and Rad Air took advantage of this opportunity with a killer look for the #52 car. But they didn’t want to give it away at once. Race fans and Rad Air followers would need to continue to follow the journey for a payoff.




Next came an announcement about a huge contest.

BOOM. The payoff came on August 1st, with the announcement that not only was Rad Air sponsoring David’s car for the big race, but we also had tickets to give away. We created a landing page that could only be accessed through Facebook, and it contained a form that needed to be filled out to enter the race contest. This was the first time followers got a glimpse of the vehicle wrap in its entirety and there was quite a buzz on Rad Air’s social with the release. The contest ran for 6 days, and during that time, there was heavy promo on Facebook to lead people to the site!



Additionally, we ran some David Starr promos that featured the driver next to the car in a variety of images.

We repurposed the imagery and changed the verbiage in the caption so it could be shared from David’s Facebook page directly, as his team graciously agreed to share some posts in exchange for the sponsorship. We kept costs down by reusing the images we created for Rad Air, but the messaging played to David’s fan base, encouraging them to come down and root him to victory.

The contest winners were announced via Facebook Live on August 8th, and we created a custom invite page to make sure that people were notified when the big announcement was made. We were able to invite followers directly and the live announcement got a tremendous response.


At the end of the week, a custom graphic was posted to thank followers for coming to the race, as well as encouraging them to continue to follow David for the rest of the Xfinity Series Season.






The result of the campaign was very promising. The contest generated 126 entries with just one week of promotions. The reach on social media was amazing. Over 700 viewers watched the Facebook Live broadcast which announced the winner. David Starr’s team got behind the campaign and shared our custom graphics, resulting in an additional 700 likes. Industry publications like Tireball Sports also caught wind of the campaign and ran articles featuring the collaboration between Rad Air and David Starr Racing.

Rad Air was pleased with the creativity and speed with which we put the campaign together, and David Starr Racing asked “Who ARE you guys?” when they saw the quality of the graphics our team put together.

We finished this campaign with a victory lap for sure!

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